Medishaft in Focus: Looking in to the Benefits, Uses, and Possible Side Effects of this Wonder Drug!

Say goodbye to hair loss and unlock healthy, gorgeous hair!

Medishaft has been crafted to treat hair thinning and hair loss, boost hair growth, revive the scalp, and give you strong nourished hair! It is a truly high powered drug which augments hair growth and perks up hair health radically.

Let’s investigate and inspect the science-backed benefits of Medishaft for hair growth!

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Medishaft – An Amazing Breakthrough in Hair Loss

About 80% men and 50% women experience massive hair shedding in their lifetime.
The solution is as simple as one pill a day!

Hair loss may be because of a whole host of causes – genetic predisposition, oscillations in the hormones, as a consequence to ageing, an underlying medical disorder or your lifestyle.

Your scalp is affected by DHT which causes a receding hairline and male pattern balding. Here’s where Medishaft comes in! Medishaft is a greatly researched medicine that effectively manages male pattern hair loss.

Medishaft has been clinically proven to bring down levels of the hormone that triggers hair loss and also peps up blood flow to the hair follicles to boost hair regrowth.

What is Medishaft?

Medishaft comprises of the drug Finasteride. Finasteride blocks the action of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme in your body which is known to convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is responsible for hair loss. Thus, when DHT levels are low, hair loss stops.

Transform Your Hair with Medishaft!

Experts say, hair care needs a multi-pronged approach, that’s where clever formulations come in! With Medishaft, you are sure to put an end to hair loss, boost hair growth and make sure that your hair isn’t susceptible to excessive breakage and shedding.

Composition of Medishaft:

Medishaft is composed of the drug Finasteride.

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is a 5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitor. It impedes the action of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme which is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. It is DHT that causes the hair follicles to wither and shrink, thus causing hair loss. Finasteride puts a stop to this.

How Does Medishaft Work?

Finasteride blocks the action of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. As a consequence it stops the conversion of testosterone in to DHT, because the 5 alpha reductase enzyme has been blocked. This thwarts hair loss and balding.

DHT is the biggest baddie that’s responsible for male pattern hair loss and balding. In people who are genetically vulnerable to hair loss, DHT will bind to the receptors in the hair follicles and shrink them, causing miniaturisation of the hair and then rapid hair loss.

Finasteride impedes the action of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, thus it reduces DHT levels and consequently shields the hair follicles from DHT related damage and puts a stopper to hair loss and balding.

Finasteride brings down DHT levels by approximately 70%. As a result, hair loss will reduce dramatically, or may even stop completely. You will also observe good hair regrowth after starting a Finasteride routine.

What to Expect from Medishaft?

Here’s a timeline about how your hair restoration journey will be when you are on Medishaft.

During the first month, new hair will push out the old ones, so you may experience some hair shedding. By the third month, Hair loss will slow down drastically or may even halt altogether. You will also start to see some new hair growth. By 6 months, the hair looks so much thicker, fuller, and stronger.

Benefits of Medishaft:

Medishaft prevents as well as corrects hair loss and balding. The medicine will drastically slow down hair loss and will also help deal with balding successfully.

Managing Hair loss and Balding with Medishaft:

What is the Dosage for Medishaft?

Medishaft has to be taken orally, once everyday as instructed to you by your trichologist. You must swallow the tablet whole. Do not break or chew the tablet. Take the medicine at the same time everyday.

Follow doctor’s instructions; do not overdose, or take more often than what’s been prescribed to you and do not take for longer than advised by your doctor.

If you happen to miss a dose of Medishaft, do not panic. Wait for the next dose time and have the medication then; never double the dose.

Regularity and consistency are crucial to get the most benefit.

Possible Side Effects of Medishaft:

It is imperative that you talk to a trichologist before embarking upon Medishaft treatment. Understand the benefits, side effects, health risks and the relationship of Medishaft with your current medications that you may be taking.

As with any medicine that you’ve been prescribed, there are several advantages as well as a few disadvantages. Discuss with your doctor and see if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Common Side Effects associated with Medishaft:

If these symptoms come up, you need to talk to your doctor without any delay.

Rare but Serious Side Effects associated with Medishaft:

Precautions when prescribed Medishaft:

Considerations when using Medishaft:

Drug Interactions:

If you are on to various other medications and supplements, drug interactions can occur and they will affect the way Finasteride works. Drug interactions also raise your risk for developing side effects. Make sure that you share your schedule of medicines, supplements, herbal products with your doctor. He must know all the medications you are on to with their doses. Also, do not begin, discontinue, or alter the dose of any medicines without your doctor’s consent.

Making the Personal Decision to Start Medishaft:

Talk to a trichologist and discuss with him to understand what’s the best treatment routine for you. Once the cause of your hair loss has been identified, your doctor will prescribe the right medications and the hair care regimen that will promise quick results. It is essential that you weigh out the pros and cons of starting with Medishaft and see if the medication is suited to your needs.


The very first time that the drug Finasteride was used was in 1992. It was administered to manage a case of benign prostate enlargement, at a dose of 5 mg. Imperato-McGinley when carrying out research in a village in the Dominican Republic, found that  males who had low levels of the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme, did not suffer from hair loss and they also had smaller prostates. Thus was because they had low levels of DHT.

Thus, Finasteride was crafted to block the 5 alpha reductase enzyme and this helped decrease the size of the prostate gland as well as battled hair loss. It took 20 years for the drug to get developed, manufactured and approved for medicinal use.

In 1997, Finasteride received the FDA approval to manage male pattern hair loss at a dose of 1 mg.

When on Medishaft, it will take a minimum of 3 months before results are apparent. Finasteride will not cure hair loss and balding; it will decelerate the progression of balding and will encourage new hair to grow. Stopping of hair loss and hair regrowth will last only as long as you consume the medicine.

New hair that’s grown will shed within a year, after you stop Medishaft. Finasteride treatment calls for a long-term commitment.

For the first 1 month, you will see some hair shedding. You need to be anxious, it is absolutely normal and needn’t be a cause for concern. When you start Medishaft, the older hair fall to make place for healthier hair. The new hair will form the base for stronger, thicker, more resilient hair.

No, you can not get Medishaft over-the-counter; you need a doctor’s prescription.

Finasteride stops hair loss in 90 % men; and 65 % men see increased hair growth and hair volume and thickening of the existing hair.

Medishaft needs a long term commitment; your doctor will ask you to take it for years. You need to remember that you should not break the routine or stop taking Medishaft without seeking your doctor’s permission. If you abruptly stop Medishaft, hair loss is bound to return.

Embarking on a Medishaft regimen is a long term undertaking of several years. Once you quit, the progress you’ve seen will start to fade. The hair follicles will start to shrivel and the hair will become miniaturised and hair loss will start all over again.

Children and women can not be given Finasteride. In fact, pregnant women or those likely to get pregnant should never come in contact with broken tablets. If, however they do come touch a broken tablet, they must wash their hands thoroughly. Finasteride tends to get absorbed through the skin and it is known to cause birth defects in male fetuses.

Very rarely, Finasteride is prescribed to women to manage female pattern hair loss – but, it is an off-label prescription. The FDA has not provided a standard dose for Finasteride for women.

Clinical trials show that Finasteride at 1.25 mg can help with female pattern hair loss. Talk to your trichologist and understand what’s the best fit for you.

Medishaft will slow down and even bring to a standstill your hair loss. This will decelerate the rate at which your hairline will recede. In some instances, new hair growth has also known to occur.

Yes, an integrated approach to hair care is always the best. Your doctor may combine Medishaft with oral or topical Minoxidil, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, minimally invasive procedures or hair transplant.

The following are not at all eligible for Medishaft –

  • Those with allergies.
  • Those who have experienced a reaction to Finasteride in the past.
  • If you are 18 years and below.
  • Pregnant women

Medishaft calls for lots of dedication and a long term commitment. You absolutely must adhere to the schedule given by your doctor and stick to the dose prescribed. In case you suddenly stop taking Medishaft, you will be deprived of all the benefits that you were enjoying within 1 year. Whenever you restart your treatment, you will have to start from the word go. Medishaft works only so long as you keep taking it; what’s more, halting treatment and then restarting will not bring any results.

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