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Established in the year 2020, “i16 Remedies”, has achieved tremendous growth as most efficient supplier of high quality and safe to use Pharmaceutical Products exclusively for Hair Related problems . We have gained huge appreciation and acceptance in the market because we believe in providing only genuine products that are prepared from lab examined chemicals. Thus with these prospects, our offered medicines are known for high effectiveness, precise formulation and excellent finishing.

We have been widely appreciated by our clients as we provide the products which are really helpfull . We have provided improvised formulations which work on root cause of hair problems. Additionally we have made products very much potent by precise contents and solving many problems . We are a customer centric organization which can be clearly seen from the contents of our products . Our infrastructure consists of a huge area which also has dedicated facilities for R&D, pilot and commercial operations. We use latest and most advance technology to optimize our fully equipped infrastructure and wide distribution network, which helps use to provide top notch products to client at right time to suffice the anticipations of consumers.

Today we have understood the root cause of hairloss , hairfall & skin problems . It is not only hormonal or stress related its more over due to weaker organs become day by day . So we have started from making weaker to stronger by our rich nutraceuticals . When our organ becomes stronger from cell level it can handle all the stress induced growth impairment, hormonal issues, todays environmental impact,etc.

we have developed all the forms whichever would be beneficial for hair from root cause , may be shampoo , oil , tablets , dried fruits , teas ,etc . Because hairfall may be due to external or internal issues we don’t want to leave any way out missing for your hairfall . Also in trying to make hair healthier our body becomes healthier because we work from root cause . We are associated with New Roots Hair Clinic a renowned hair restoration institute in India & Abroad since 2011 . We get all the support for R & D which is very much important. Most the hair conscious clients who are face of many platforms regularly follow updates from i16 Remedies & there products.

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In i16 Remedies, our success is measured by the smiles of our happy customers, each reflecting the transformative joy of healthier, more radiant hair.

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i16 Remedies: Celebrated for excellence, cherished by customers—transformative haircare solutions that inspire confidence and radiance

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With four years of dedicated experience, we've honed our skills to provide exceptional solutions. Trust us for expertise-driven excellence and reliability.


Our Mission

At i16 Remedies, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the confidence and joy that comes with healthy, beautiful hair. Our mission is to revolutionize the haircare industry by providing advanced and effective remedies that nourish, strengthen, and transform your hair.