NT Hairfall Pro Plus

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Minoxidil & finasteride topical solution Advanced hair regrowth treatment POWERED WITH 3 % PROCAPIL PROCAPIL IS A GLOBALLY PATENTED COMBINATION OF BIOTINOYL – GHK tripeptide, apigenin and oleanolic acid, procapil fortifies and rejuvenates hair follicles to prevent hair loss both men and women. It enhances gene expression for superior hair follicle activation and hair anchoring. Biotinoyl – GHK tripeptide for hair regrowth and hair fall reduction with apigenin and oleanolic acid from natural origin. Apigenin enhances scalp microcirculation and oleanolic acid reduces 5 reductase activity. Nobel synergy for prolonged anagen (growth) phase of hair and enhanced hair anchoring to scalp, enhancing hair density in male and female subjects. Minoxidil is widely used as a topical application for hair loss treatment when summed up with finasteride and procapil this solution helps in strengthening dry, brittle, weak hair. Will fight against thinning and help in promoting strength to hair shaft from root to tip. ZUIVER PHARMACEUTEILAS has made this combination and and given most patients good outcome for hair falls and hair loss. it fights follicle ageing process to prevent hair loss. cosmetically, this product is used in hair strengthening and anti-hair loss treatments.

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